Building measurement frameworks that inform business growth

We specialise in building tailored measurement and optimisation solutions, built around individual client needs, ensuring we can capture the impact of marketing and non-marketing factors, at any granularity, online or offline, at every stage of the consumer journey. Our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses by helping them answer the big questions such as:

  • How do I build a better business case for marketing to the board?

  • What KPI’s are most relevant to my business

  • How does media perform in relation to promotions and other such growth drivers?

  • What is the true incrementally and payback of Advertising?

  • What is the most optimal media budget and laydown scenario?

Our measurement and modelling suite ensures we can help clients measure their activity at the required granularity and optimise (link to budget optimimsation page) their entire marketing mix, leading to far greater incremental returns.

Market Mix Modelling (MMM) helps disentangle the impact on sales of key growth drivers such as price, promotion and marketing efforts and outside influences such as seasonality and the economy.

Ecosystem Modelling (ESM) evaluates the consumer journey by understanding the role and value of different touchpoints found in a consumer’s path to purchase. Ecosystem modelling is designed to evaluate and optimise campaigns across a multichannel landscape and across several KPIs. This approach is ideal for clients who have a complex brand ecosystem with multiple sales and marketing channels.


Determine which factors are influencing Market Share & Sales



Quantify what sales are driven by each factor


Understand how these factors will drive future growth


Total Attribution delivers a holistic view of marketing performance across all channels in one analytical framework, enabling complete ROI optimisation to drive more profitable business growth. It uses a combination of measurement techniques get to a truly comprehensive and granular view of performance and optimizing insights marketers need to hold the competitive advantage against their peers.

Unified in-flight reporting This solution results in marketers gaining access to regular and holistic results across online and offline marketing activities, with the insights and results required to make business-critical decisions, even while the campaign is still in-flight.   

In Data2Decisions’ experience, creative execution is the second most significant factor impacting advertising profitability. It is also the most significant factor that an advertiser has direct control over. Our Top 10 Drivers of Advertising Profitability report, found ‘Effective’ creative could deliver a ROI 12 times bigger than ineffective creative.

AdCompass is designed by Data2Decisions to measure and optimise the impact of creative. It fuses primary consumer research with econometric modelling to identify the key drivers of creative effectiveness and predict the ability of creative to drive sales.

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